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Various mk1 Cavalier parts - Wheels, centre caps, brackets, relays, paint, master cylinder etc.


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Hi all, thought as now I'm a member on here I'd post some bits up here to you good people before chucking them on the hell that is Marketplace 😂

Having a clear out at the unit and got random bits from left over from when I bought the Cavalier/engine swapped it that I don't need. I don't know how much use some of it will be to people, but worth an ask.

5 original 13" wheels with 4x chrome rings and 4x Vauxhall centre caps. One of the rings is scratched up a fair bit, but the centre caps are in pretty good nick actually. Wheels need a refurb but appear nice and straight. Tyres are very very dead. Seen these centre caps go for quite a lot on eBay, but this is all taking up space, so £60 takes the lot.CHROME RINGS/CENTRE CAPS  SOLD. WHEELS STILL AVAILABLE, £30



Gearbox brace and bush/bracket. Came off an auto box, no idea if they're different to a manual or not. Both in usable condition. £10 posted.


SOLD - Gasket kit. This came with the car, previous owner knew his stuff, and all the other repair panels and bits he had bought for it were right, so I assume these are too. Unopened. For a 1980 2 litre engine. £10 posted. - SOLD


Random relays/other electrical odds and sods. Just cover postage and I can send any of these you might need. There may be more hidden in other boxes but the ones below are the ones I could find. Full loom was heavily cut and snipped for splicing into the MX-5 loom, so unfortunately not in a saleable condition as a whole. - WHITE FUEL RELAY SOLD -



SOLD - Brake master cylinder/servo and other associated bits. This was all removed from the car when I bought it, so I can't confirm it is in working order. Not sure if these are hard to come by or not, so may be of use to someone. £15 posted. - SOLD


Heater bypass piping pieces. £8 posted.



Starter motor. I've not actually tested this, but I can hook it to a battery and check it. Came off a 2 litre. Bit heavy, so postage be a little expensive I imagine. £15 posted.



SOLD - 3 litres of red paint. Previous owner who had to give up on the restoration had it colour matched and mixed. Unopened tin. I will be respraying a different colour next year so no use to me. Details in the photos. Not sure if Royal Mail would want me to post paint, so may need to use another courier. £25 posted. - SOLD



And lastly a good old frying pan. Bit tatty looking, but not worth throwing away, could be useful to someone. I don't really want anything for it, but it's a bit bulky so £10 posted?



All items can be picked up from my unit in Littlehampton, West Sussex. I'd prefer for the wheels to be picked up rather than posted. I can take tyres off and post, but it may be a bit pricey, I'll have to check cost of that.




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