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Door trim colour


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I have become heir to an 84B 1.8 Manta hatchback and will probably need answers to some questions in the near future.

The car is in pretty good condition and any jobs needing done are mostly cosmetic. Firstly the metal strip of trim at the top off the doors 

and under the window seal need rubbed down and repainted, i know they are black but as they are so faded and peeling i'm not

sure if it is satin or matt. I'm sure someone out there will know and keep me right. Also what is involed in taking them off to paint

or is it easier to do them in place. Cheers

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Congrats on becoming a manta owner.

Pictures would help here. Also consider joining the club as a web membership as it opens up the site to areas that are members only, so we can’t link to other posts in these areas that potentially have pictures that woukd show you.

However most of the black trim can be removed fairly easy. A Haynes manual would be of great help to you as a new owner 👍

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Thanks for the welcome,and joining as a web member is something that i will definitely consider. Speaking of the Haynes manual i'm waiting

for the postie to drop one that i ordered through the door any day now.

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Welcome aboard @Insky. Full club membership is a great investment - you’ll save that money in no time at all with all the tips and shortcuts offered by other members.

I look forward to seeing your car and hearing all about the work you’re undertaking. Is it a car you are very attached to?

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