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exclusive rally project


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i've just bought a F reg exclusive coupe that is part rally prepaird, it has a full cage, 4 link boxes to accept a ford atlas axle, its got massive front discs (not sure what they are off) jag 4 pots, quick rack,AVO coil-overs for the rear and ajustable gas shocks on the front,400 anti-roll bar, 400 exhaust,sump guard,battery in boot. the shell has only done 54000 miles and is like new[:D] my plans were to fit a red top but i've just got a 2.2 CIH off e-bay with twin 48s built by peter maiden the guy i got it off said it had 170-180 bhp[:D][:D] it came with a ford box on it so all i need now is an atlas axle. i got the engine for £150 "buy it now" bargin or what!! i want to strip all the old under-seal off this week and re-paint it all. i'll post some pics as soon as i fix my camera. i'll keep you all posted as i get on. dan.[:)]

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i saw that engine on ebay, i nearly bought it,

that was a bargain, them carbs alone would fectch more

than the buy it now price. ebays great sometimes[:D]

sunroof seal wanted please help!!!!

omoc member 5918

16v i240 hatch (coming soon)


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ok work has been a bit slow, i done the underside (strip and re-paint) engine and box went in last weekend. i'm in need of a bias pedal box now, my next job is to run the fuel and brake lines inside the car sort some of the wiring and get her running. i'll get some pics up when i get a new camera.[:)]


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time for an update!! i've not had chance to do anything to her for a while but i'm goin to get stuck in now[:D] i've now got the capri axle on and i've just orderd a rally panhard rod, coil over brackets and i now got braded fuel lines, the is not much to finish her now, i want it ready by sep if i can, i got a few pics, they don't do her justice though! 000_0029.jpg







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Looks good.

I originaly looked at Mick Lomanos' car in about 1996 at RAF Woodvale and it showed me what you could do with a Manta, i loved that car[:)]

Then i went to Billing and looked at Pete Narancics Turbo Coupe and it blew me away.

Brings back memories of 10 years+ ago and feels like yesterday [^].

Glad to see the car in good hands mate.



Many A Night Tinkering About

OMOC 4076

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