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Sorry looking Exclusive


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Looks not to bad for a manta........[:D]The roof looks the worst [:(]. I did a roof repair during my restoration of an exclusive to a 400r in 02 and the first signs of all not being quite well are just starting this year, at least it gave me time to source a non sunroof skin[:)].If you can get a non sunroof skin / roof "go for it" otherwise this is my take on the problem, I removed the sunroof frame from inside the car to get good access to the sore bits, not something I felt I gained alot from by doing, but I gave it my best shot, I lead filled my roof to avoid welding / distortion removeing all the rotted material first.I did manage to lead fill then normal filler to smooth to shape, I never was a 100% happy with this repair, but at the time it meant having a 400r or not! The area thats filled in your roof needs digging out to find out if lead filling isnt going to end up on your seat. At the moment I have a hatch with about the same rot as yours if not worse, I am hopeing to do some trial repairs / welding to see if I can do it, before disaster(still want to save the hatch). Maybe a plate tacked in then lead load / sealed then filler. The sunroof frame also causes an extra complication.....

I belive you can carry out all the repairs, at the end of the day whats the worst you can do? if you save another manta from the scrappys and the roof isnt quite right, you are still driving 1 of approx 1500 in the u.k[:D][8D][:)][;)].

Good Luck

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It may look bad but at least its still there with holes not just holes with thin strip defining the shape like many Mantas are...I've had a few of them like that....[:D]


OMOC 5924


1980 Black Berlinetta Coupe..On its way to a new home

1981 Manta B will be just as Adam intended when I fix it

1981 Ascona Auto SRi130 engine going in soon

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Have just had alook at the link to your astra,fair play looks like you did a cracking job.Don't give up on the manta yet i have seen a few mantas on here start off worse than that and are probably better now than when they left the showroom.You will get plenty of help and advice round here especailly if you become fully paid up member.The only thing you may find compared with the astra is the lack of off the shelf parts and panels but theres ways round that.Good luck with the project the only rules seem to be lots of pictures and updates[:D].


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