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Hi every one just getting the manta bug again after 9 years of normal life.I placed a post on mantas reunited trying to trace my old car a couple of weeks ago but as yet no joy.I think she is still about some where as she was as solid as they come.Every year i would take of the wings have a prod about and re wax oil so i cant see her been scrapped unless some fool wrote her off.Any how as i said i am just gettin the bug so i have my eye on e bay at the mo, but i am also waiting on a new extention on the house and a new garage so thing will have to wait a short while to see how funds go.Since parting with my last manta i have spent the last 4 or so years learning the skill of rebuilding and restoring vw's.I have done a camper and a beetle up so i think i am ready to tackle a manta agian.I just wish i would of not let the old car go,for some reason i fancied a modern car(more fool me).I have been concidering having a go at my mates cavalier centor he has in the garden sat rotting.some one added a manta front grill and gte body kit before he got it and stuck in an sri130 motor so it ant original no more.They also replaced the interior so it has no model number in the glove box any more.He blew the diff about 2 years ago and it has not moved since.Any how i will let you know how i get on cheers al in hull

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Well i said i would get one and i have,i pick it up on sunday.E plate red exclusive bought localy in hull that was on the forum recently.She is a bit ropey and by the look of it needs 2 arches 2 rear corners 1 rear lower repair section on the back panel.It comes with 2 front s/h wings s/h front panel and various other bits and pieces,but i think i will tackel the back first as this is the worse part visible to the eye.Machanicaly the engine sounds like someone has dropped a bag of bolts in the rocker top but i am hoping that its just the tappet rockers have backed of.If not a top end rebuild will be first on the cards come sunday afternoon.I will get some photos together and work out how to get them on the new projects forum some time next week cheers al.

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