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Hi from West Yorkshire


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This is my 3rd Manta, a 1987 Exclusive Hatchback GTE which I've had for the last 17 years. It's only been really run in the summer and has never been welded or re-sprayed. Only non standard part is a stainless exhaust


Found the site very helpful whilst trying to sort out fuse box query (my Haynes manual is wrong!)

Always wondered what if anything was fitted originally above the rear number plate. It had a refective plate which said 'MANTA' when I originally bought it


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Hi Paul, nice car there

You should have a centre garnish between the rear lights.

Like this...........


But without the word OPEL. The standard ones are just plain black plastic and show up on ebay from time to time. Alternatively post up in the "Parts Wanted" section

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Hi Welcome to the forum

Very nice looking hatch back you have :thumbup

As for rear plate, remember to make sure the replacement is for a hatchback and not a coupe (as their slightly different in size). [edit] sorry Gary has already pointed that out :thumbup

[edit] I've checked Gary the hatch is longer by about 5mils either-side.

(I think) I'll need to check again.

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As per Johnny5 ... The Exclusives had a Centre infill panel between the rear light clusters.

Basically these were a satin black plastic moulding which followed the moulding profile of the rear lights and extended the profile over from one set of rear lights to the other.

The item that Johnny5 has shown is what I'm prety sure is a fibreglass aftermarket item, which apart from being very nice, would also be very scarce to source to.


By the way.... Damn nice Hatch you have there Paul

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