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Hello, my names Mark and i live in Sheffield. i had a Manta back in about 91, since then i had loads of different cars and bikes, from cosworths , supras mk3 and mk4, and loads of 4x4's and family cars!. at the moment i've got a GSX750 Rigid chop and a metro!, i dont know if its a case of rose tinted glasses but the Manta sticks out as the best car i've owned, this might have some thing to do with being young single and about 19 years old at the time!!. any way i' now got a steady job in one place( no travelling up and down country anymore) and a single seat chop is'nt so good for taking family out, im thinking about buying another Manta to relive my youth and get some shows in with my family. the only thing is i'd like a carb model as one thing that sticks out in my mind is the induction roar from the ITG foam filter, oh and a 400 kit would be nice

cheers mark

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Welcome Good choice to get a Manta again... I did the same had a break but kept going back to them. Choices you have are vast but if you need a Carbed one it will probably be a 1800 or a modded GTE.

Plently of Mantas are running 16V XE motors, and certainly go like they should have done. The GTE is more common than the 1800 and can be similarly priced as a like for like car depending on condition. 1800 Coupe non sunroof is the rarest of the mainstream ones while the GTE is the more common.

Hope you find something, keep an eye on the For Sale section on here as well as the usual places, make sure you check before buying as with any old car they do have rust issues.

Oh and Merry Christmas!!

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Just 57i or Pug 205 adapter and cone filter the AFM (if you can make a simple bracket) on a GTE.

Always inform your insurance of any modifications though.

I think you may get nearly the same roar.

These days I would not buy a Manta without lifting the carpets unless it was something special and I was prepared to take the hit on a rebuild.

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Good luck with the search, you might also consider an mk1 Cav coupe or Sportshatch as they were a little longer lasting than later Manta's due to the thicker steel used in the build process in these days, therefore may be surviving better now. Just a thought that may help broaden your search . . . . . .

Cheers. Colin.

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