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How Do, I'm New...............


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Hello Chaps n Chapesses,

I'm a newbie to the world of the Manta, been after one for ages & finally I've got one - Manta GTE V8 fuel injected with 5 speed LT77 box, hydraulic clutch, uprated suspension & brakes, stainless exhaust system oh & a tow bar...........sounds cool doesn't it........but don't get all excited just yet, it does need work......but with massive potential.........!!!!!

Needs a airflow meter, fuel pump, NS sill, NS wheel arch, a repair to the roof just behind the sunroof, plus a lock set - if anyone has or knows where I can get parts from then by all means drop me a line..... B)

I'll be onhere looking for parts, help, advice & of course a bit of banter too.......... :lol:

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unless i'm mistookin i believe it may be this one http://retrorides.proboards86.com/index.cg...mp;thread=55834 purchsed by a mr Kinhellfire, welcome to the forums ss069

Aye Pat, that'll be the kiddie..........

Devil Fish - As for photos, I'll take some when it's in my possession which should be today at some time............she looks a bit sad though..... :unsure:

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Welcome to the forum! :D

But your not allowed* on here unless you put LOTS of pictures of your car up for us to perv over!

Also helps if you put your location in your profile to help hook up with other local manta nutz

*not really the case ;)

piccies & progress can be seen in the 'Project' section

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As said previously - a very warm welcome to the home of the Manta, and of course its stable mates.

They are a great crowd on here - and you find answers to every question you can think of - even those non-Manta related. It's a bit like the Citizens Advice Bureau.............!! ;)

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