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Knockhill Speedfair


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knockhill speedfair this sunday , we will meet outside the main gate around the 9 30 ish mark so we can be on stand by 10am , i have the passes here with a cpl spare ones , just hope the weather is dry , see you all there

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might come down sun,if weather is crap ,wife def wont and ill end up decorating,is there a manta stand are u just meeting

ps are cpl spare tickets for omoc members only,as i havent joined yet.last time was at doune,with my then mint gte exc many years ago


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I'm lead to believe there will be a club stand of some sorts! I can't say for sure as this will be my first for knockhill.

BUT I'll be in my manta and so will others. No idea about tickets.

Would be good if you made it? I'll be in the white C reg coupe probably yapping about replacing a CIH chain :thumbup

if you see a set of legs under a white and blue Manta, with loads of burds sitting on it? that will be Rab polishing his Springs :lol:



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Aye awe grand day oot, und funny whit can bi foond parked up in awe lonely road side lay bye !!



Ermm Vals rear!


Davi`s Gid auld `A`


Louise,Keith,Brian,& Craig.


Will add mare piccys or slide show durin week.

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