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Oh Crap Its Bad


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just had a good look at chasis legs and its not good in two places the rots gone through the inner skin.so how thick is the inner and outer skin and at what point do i write the chasis leg off,or is it a matter of how much im prepared to do to save the car

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Usually its a "how much your prepared to do". Chassis legs are usually pretty thick, 16 gauge (1.6mm) and have reinforcers where mounting points are. I usually repair mine with 14 gauge (2mm).Try to figure out how to do the repair using flat sections then weld them all together. If you have a reinforcing point repair that first then when you come to fit the next skin drill through so that you can plug weld to the reinforcer. Its not that hard to do it just takes a long time and a bit of thought and planning.

Just remember measure twice cut once.



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Rather than weld the pieces together to form a new chassis rail last time i did one i get a local fabrication shop to bend me up a length of steel into a tophat shape (think it was 1.6mm)

It had a 45mm wide channel that was 50mm deep and had 15mm of flange each side to match the original rail as much as possible

It also takes 40mm box section snuggly inside it to reinforce the mounting points (which makes them much stronger than the original versions)

This is what it looked like going in under the drivers seat area


I'd allready done the swan-neck/bulkead part of the chassis rail and you can see the 40mm box inner in the top of the picture

Over-engineered possibley, but i like it that way :D

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