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Manta A Damage


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on satardy night a woman backed in to my manta A in a mondo with a bike rack , she got out her car and had a look and mine and then done a runner, but a copper and my mate seen her ,i was else where , the cops got her think she was drinking +driving , well i need a bumper,front grill outer head light,and the nose cone at the front lip is in about 1/2" 3" long in two bits so the nose would need panel beten and filled and sprayed,

the thing is she wants to pay me cash to get it fixed any one no what this would cost eg new parts , veres second hand parts , the cops said thay will get me her insurance info , whats the best way to go , as i no some parts will be very hard to get and cost a lot

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Do not take any flannel and get her insurance to pony up the money, all the work should be done by a proper crash repair garage, you should NOT be in any way out of pocket.

You pay for your insurance to sort any accidents out for you, and to put you back in the position you were in before the collision. Get in touch with your insurers and give them her details.

I have grilles and front panels I can remove from a scrap A here, the repairer should be able to use good old parts and put them on her insurers bill. I have provided parts for insurance jobs on mantas before.

DO NOT ROLL OVER AND LET THEM SAY ITS BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR, they HAVE to put you back to a pre accident condition so long as the car is physically fixable, (chassis not bent or damage too extensive) and the parts can be found. your damage sounds easy.

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Dont even think of being Mr Nice Guy, she was going to do the dirty on you so do not be thinking of doing her any favours. Her offering cash is still trying to cover her own guilty ar$e,

As already said Go down the legal route then you have some comeback if it turns tits 12 months later. All qualified repairers have to warranty their repairs and work for at least 12 months.

Best of luck, Colin.

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My van got skewered by a tractor's tynes last year whilst parked on private ground and after a long drawn out wrangle the farmer's insurance had to pay out and re-emburse my excess into the bargain.

note; I am in Scotland and some of our land laws vary to yours so this info may not hold good for you, why not take a trip to the citizens advice centre or if you have legal expenses built into your ins. policy you are sorted.

Do not give in, her offering to pay cash is as good an admission of guilt as you could hope for :thumbup

Cheers, Colin.

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Insurance insurance insurance!

some bloke did the same to my A (with a vectra can you believe it GM and all) they wanted to pay cash but when i gave them a rough figure they said the wasn't worth it (cheek!) so got all the insurance details (eventually) from them and as their insurance company wasn't interested it fixing the car for me they gave me a tidy sum to do it myself so if your careful and patient you can sort the car and do extras as well! (i did )

but if you let her pay for it you might find it becomes difficult to get the money of them so do it through the insurance

good luck

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Agree with all the above. Get her insurance details and claim off her insurance as you will be covered for a proper repair job.

Is your car covered on a Classic Policy and have you got an agreed value for the car as I also own Escort RS2000's and I have had friends who have been given the runaround because the repair bill was too expensive and outwayed the value of the car accoridng to their valuations sad.gif

I hope all goes well, but if the insurance company want to write the car off due to parts costs then ask for the car back and the valuation of the car as you will be able to repair the car and still be well in pocket after this thumbsup.gif

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