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Rear Disc Brakes


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Having bought a car with the MKIII Escort disk and Granada caliper conversion on, and having used if rot over 100,000 miles like that I tend to find that the standard drums are better and less hassle. If you do go for disks probably a good idea to choose a different caliper.

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That looks like a good conversion, cheaper than mine too :thumbup

I'll get some myself, those ford calipers i use are getting a bit old

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For my a series rears i used:-

rear disc, vectra 1.7 turbo diesal 95 to 2001 270mm solid

calipers zafira / astra 2001 rears.

used ford escort weld on caliper brackets( needed no modification to get the caliper to bolt on)


Fit disc to hub, keypoint make sure the centre spigot diameter is big enougth to go over the hub spigot, for the A i needed to enlarge a wee fraction.

bolt caliper to bracket and install new pads.

then using a compressor at low pressure position the caliper where you want it, apply air pressure so the pads clamp on the disc holding the caliper in the right place, and weld bracket in position.

i then had a custom handbrake cable made at http://www.rdb93.co.uk/

very cheap!!

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How was the end result ??? I ask 'cos I already find the rear drums on the Cavvy locking-up under hard braking (esp on track) without upgrading to discs hence have a bias valve in-car to dial out the rears a touch.

It also has to be said that it does suffer from brake fade ( well it did on the Nurburgring) but maybe's I'm expecting too much of it.

Cheers chaps, Colin.

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