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1972 'k' Manta A For Sale

Dicky OB

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Hi All

Due to mirgration next year, I have to face the fact that I'm not going to get to finish and drive this sexy car. But maybe one of you can.

It needs some work as you'd guess. It is not dead but is a fixer upper. It's been sitting waiting for love some years now and has been in the dry for most of this time.

Welding: (I do alot of welding on cars and theres a good weeks work to do, maybe two if your making the pannels)

boot floor

rear of floor pans

rear of sills

chassis box section, by trans tunnel, (these arn't holed but are soft when I tried to jack up on them).

The seats will need new foam and covering

It has no enging or gear box as it was fitted with a Ford Essex V6 3.0L I wanted to fit a red top in it, as a more moden 2.0L will give as much woombar as the old lump. my friend now owns this engine and box and I could give the buyer his number he will sell it.

It has no bumpers and is lowered via some period after maket springs I dont remember the name and it is fitted with 13inch Wolf race wheels after sitting about for years the tires are perrished.

The body work is pretty good it was a show car at one point and was in some mags

All the glass and lights are there and good

It has and Opel upgrade steering wheel again I cant remember the name but I'm sure you'll know

There is also a set of standard Clocks as the inners were changed to match the ford gearbox

And theres a new set the Black steel Number plates that I bought.

I'll take some pics and try to get them online for you to see or email me



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Sorry, Got distracted so couldn't finish post. The Manta's near Cambridge dry in my workshop. It could be returned back to standard with springs, shocks and wheels. but the mod's are of the time and to me make the car more... well, Clint Eastwood depends on your own tastes

I do have a good Rover SDI Auto box and know someone with a Rover 3.5 V8 that'll match it, if someone wants to 'Foose' it. Prase Be To The Foose, all say 'oom'

I've been very honnest about the car it needs alot of work but it to good to break, all though it make good money in bits, but being a car lover I like to see them live.

I'll try to get some good photo's. it may take a week though as i'm not getting home till late.

I'm open to fare offers on it, but its not a freebe.



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:(Ok! I'm sure this has been said before but, how the hell do I get the pictures on this thread??? Whats all this about a URL? The pic's are on my hard drive not on the web:blink:

you need to upload the image to a web based host service, such as http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.uploadit.org to name but two.

You'll need to register first but both are free for simple image hosting, though you can upgrade to do other things for a small fee.

Once registered you can begin uploading images Note the "URL" box with it's text (highlighted). Copy this text (left click and drag to select all the text, right click -> copy or CTRL-C). In Uploadit, you get a list. Click the list and copy the http address from the new window.

On to the forum, you have two options. You can simply paste the http address and post a link to your picture. Anyone who wants to see it will need to click the address. This is good if you want to post a lot of images

If you want to display the actual image, use the "img" tags:


That's all there is to it. As you may have figured, you don't actually post a picture but point the forum software to a net address which it converts into an actual picture.

Hope this helps.

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Ok thanks Garymanc, but sorry I'm not going to do all that I'm really busy at the moment and hate reg'ing for new sites (another company to spam me), I'll take you up on that Mantasrme Thanks

got to get out digging the drive way up

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