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Manta Exclusive Hatch


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I'm getting married in December and due to have no job the Manta has to go.:(

I don't know really how to price it so if anyone knows roughly what I should put it up for sale at let me know.

It's a 1987 2.0 GTE Exclusive Hatch in Monaco Blue. It's done 130K, 5 Exclusive alloy wheels, Recaro interior, totally standard. Had new front springs put on it around a year ago, has got some rust ect in the usual places, I've also got spare doors, front bumper, mirrors ect. No tax or MOT.

These are the only pics I've got just now but if I need to put more up I will.






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Nice hatch :thumbup , shame there is no T+T, 'cos if it had, you would have been looking at around £1500- £2k, as it is now probably less then £750. Would it not be worth putting it in for a test and if it fails then you have a job list to advise potential buyers of the work needed, if it passes . . . Bonus!!

Most folks are wary of a car with no ticket and only the seller's opinion/description of the work needed to make it roadworthy.

Best of luck with the sale, these are getting rare :(

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Nice !

Everyone is going to be asking about the state of the chassis rails at the front,so if you can get some good clear pics of those that would be a big help.

Being a hatch means it's not the most "desirable" Manta in some peoples eyes,but your's does seem to be in v good nick


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It is my old car :thumbup Clive you have spent ages under this car welding it up before I had it. The lady who bought it off me also had a lot of welding done on it and lived in Scotland. I don't know to what standard though? good to see it still around, hope it goes to a good home

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does anybody know how to get in touch with this guy ? no reply on here or other places its for sale ?

john :rolleyes:

Just for your information all my names Dave and I am in Essex and my Opel Manta GTE Exclusive on a D plate 1987 is up for sale. I'ts very much the same as the one in the pictures above but has only done 103, 350 Genuine miles and is in very good condition for its year, has a little surface rust but not much. It has just had a 12 month ticket on it and comes with 5 months tax.

She is up for sale for 1,650 ono

For anyone thats interested I can provide pics, she has been a real fun car and I will miss her but I have to go with something more practical and four door.

Contact Dave 07535812677


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