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V6 Install?


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A freind of mine is big into his old fords, however, he's also where old cars go to die. His most reacent kill was a 1980 Capri Ghia auto 3.0L which he stripped down for minor MOT repairs and found it to be a can of worms, so he gave up and scrapped it, leaving a nice 3 liter essex V6 under a tarp in his shed, now i know you'll want to hunt me down with pitch forks of asking this, but just how big a job would it be to put it in my Exclusive? He said i could have it for free so i'm just enqiring.

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Anything is possible. :thumbup

Don't really know alot about the Ford V6, but I don't see there being a size problem.

I would expect the main points to be:

  • Sump clearence over sub frame
  • Exhaust Manofolds
  • Engine hieght (possiblly)
  • Engine mounts
  • Gear box/clutch
  • Propshaft

If running on carb. no problems, if on ECU then not too hard to connect if you have wireing dig.

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If the engines tired then it'll probably be about as quick as a good going CIH....it'll drink the fuel......your exclusive runs unleaded :thumbup .....what about the gearbox? It's a 3-speed :( You'll need to fabricate an exhaust,prop,mounts,sump??,trans.tunnel?

I recon it's best left in the shed.......it would be different though.

Your choice. :unsure:


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I have seen a couple of ford v6 conversions on mantas BUT.........

The 3 ltr is, unless heavily reworked, pretty nasty! A good one only makes 130hp, and it probably won't be good! A 2ltr ohc 8 valve vauxhall makes the same power, not as nice a noise, but uses much less fuel!

The conversions I have seen (we are talking early/mid nineties here) were 2.8 injection v6's from 2.8 capris, which are 160hp, slightly more like it though still not a great engine (though very tough)

I would not bother, especially as omega v6 engines are ten a penny

In fact, I will shortly have an MV6 omega engine available..............

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Yeah i was thinking that, My mates plan was to put it in a cortina, but he found one that was already done in aberdeen, we've been out cruising and its no faster than the manta Just alot thirstier, noisier, shakier and it likes to twist in its moints and unhook the exhaust from its hangers. My manta's an 87 gte exclusive so i'm assuming thats the OHC? its just scruffy and likes to burn oil on long trips. What do you recon would be a good quick replacement with a little bit more poke? i heard the 2.5 from a Frontera is pretty much a straight swap with a only a little bit of bonnet bodging, only they have that oval cylinder issue dont they? i'm more intersted in the noise of the car staying the same realy, it revs nicely, but not too fast that it sounds like a VuVuzela.

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Many frontera 2.4 engines will have worn bores due to piston slap.

Most engines will require a rebuild which will entail new pistons.

If you are going to swap to a 2.4 then you will also need the 2.2 wiring loom, ECU and inlet manifold as well.

You can use the 2.4 injectors on the 2.2 inlet manifold.

A well built 2.4 which has each cylinder CC'd to match, and has the same weight for all componetnts will easily push out 150- 160bhp.

It will be very very torque.

A good 2.2 cih standard build running 2.4 injectors will push out about 130 to 140 bhp, will pull in 5th gear from 30mph round to past 120mph

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Rebuild eh? never thought of that, i could just get a hold of a replacement to keep her on the road and restore mine at my liesure, that's a realy good idea! also no beging adrian flux not to put another 0 on the end of my insurance quote. cheers John! Oil wise i've been topping her up with 10w/40 like it told me in the manual. the only problem now is my lack of space to restore an engine, oh well better get that house deposit saved up.

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