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Xe Clutch ?


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Whats the best clutch set up for xe ? im using a 1.8 manta box and was wondering if there's a friction disc designed for another car with the correct numbers of spines and the same dia as the xe friction disc

Yes there is, join the club and get access to all the xe data you need :thumbup

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Whats the best clutch set up for xe ?

Need more info really, best in what way?

Cheapest, Highest power handling, easiest to get hold of, most driveable for a road car, best for drag strip standing starts, etc etc etc

As Kev says all the info your looking for is in the members section and as you're doing an XE conversion there is a lot of useful info about the whole job in there not just the clutch :thumbup

The basics of the clutch are that the clutch cover must match the flywheel so a vauxhall xe one (oh and there are 2 different flywheels on the XE's with different covers needed)

The clutch friction disc has to fit the gearbox input shaft splines and be the right diameter for your flywheel (Vauxhall XE FWD input shaft is different, except the calibra turbo)

You also want a new clutch release bearing for the manta gearbox

So you can't just get an off the shelf clutch kit from your local motor factors, but most useful places will be able to get you the individual bits to make the kit you need

When i did mine i got an uprated Manta GT/e friction disc, and uprated XE clutch cover from E-Bay and a standard release bearing from my local parts factor.

Works for me and stands up well to my abuse even with the LSD and standing starts :D

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