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Novasheds Mk1 Cavalier

Paul Barrett

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thought i may aswell start a new thread for the cav seeing as its getting more attention than the A. so cut and pasted from the a series thread...

well the new runaround is at base, needs some bits sorting before going MOT, been spending as much time as i can on her.

i need another set of manta 6 dial clocks, and sort all wiring there

ive ordered a seal kit for the brembo alfa 75 calipers as one is leaking

got a small patch to weld underneath

that should hopefully see a ticket

then phase 2

-is sort the vinyl roof (prob scrap it and paint it satin black, as it looks a bit shonky

-lay in new headlining

-sort some period seats

-give it a cut and polish




ive found differing info on the wiring, hence i think ive stuffed the volt meter. ive sourced a volt stabiliser and some spare gauges , i got the rev counter working but not in a way it should be lol.

also managed to source some mk1 astra gte seats in charcoal, a lot slimmer than the mk4 ones (which wont be going to waste as my little brother wants em)

so hopefully this weekend should see a big chunk of the work done, fingers crossed

stayed up unit till gone 8, bloody cold!

managed to get hold of a seal kit for the brembo calipers, so off came the drivers side caliper, which has been refurbed and looked clean as a whistlke, but seeing as its been sat for a while has obviously doen the seal on that one no good and caused it to leak. didnt take long to renew, back on and bled, the car even has goodridge stainless brake lines.

sorted most of the dash wiring now, just left to do is the oil pressure gauge andthe stereo.

sorted the washer jets out.

next on the agenda is the blower heater system, its had a custom one done buts nowhwere near factory standard quality!

bit of a ****ter today, had to pop up the unit to sort the e46 knocking and check out a sticky caliper, couldnt resist have a little check on the cav, tried the 'fixed' brakes and......................pedal sank to the floor, i had a solid system when i leftlast night, but its been in vein as it seems the caliper is shot, when cleaning it out i found some small balls of metal, which must have damaged the leaking piston as its pissing fluid out again! doh! so veccy calipers it looks like will be going on or another alfa 75 brembo one if i can find a good one.

mick, the pressure sensor is there ihave ran an extra wire to run the gauage but it seems not to work.

im sure i found seatbelt cover in the boot

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bit more done on the cav,

sourced another brembo caliper, fitted and bled,will be re-bleeding the system as its quite spongey atmo.

progress in the interior is goo, got the front astra mk1 gte recaros in, realised mick had left a subframe in that was uitable for the apssenger side, so easy bolt in, drivers side had make a new frame, also beat out the bulge where the exhaust used to run when it had the CIH lump in.

well chuffed with these


the rears is coming along now. ive basically bastardised both the mk4 astra rear bench and 60/40 upright part. i stripped the back to the frame and welded it together as one, the used the mk1 faom and cover, needs a little more fettling but works well, the base is the mk4 foam with the mk1 cover strecthed over, need to sort the mounting points now.

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