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Manta Gte Exclusive Coupe


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It's a pure beauty!!! Keep it pal!!!

Thanks for you comments guys,they are beautiful cars.I promissed myself a nice one years ago and have enjoyed owning her.I've now promissed myself an A series now,it won't be for some time but I will get one at some point in the future.

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i dont have that kinda money after saying to my mate i'll buy his c20let astra ha ha. your car needs to stay as is. i would want a diffrent engine :) keep at it she'll sell.

If I could I would, I'm selling my house too as I am running my own business and times are hard (but getting better).The house is sold technically but contracts not exchanged.

If the car hasn't sold and I get close to completion on the house I'll keep it. My plan was to put a c20let in it which I have but it needs rebuilding.I'll have the money then so summer would be a lot of fun :-).

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