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pair exclusive opening rear quarter glass pair green exclusive door glass £25 each piece will post at your own risk would obviously do my best to make sure theyre well packaged ...............prov sold

exclusive front seats in very good condition £60....................prov sold

front crossmember with upper and lower arms ect £60

coupe inj fuel tank £25...................sold

fuel injection manifold £25

propshaft £30

rear axle complete £60

set of ronal alloys tyres useless £40

ecu £20

pair of mirrors £30.............p.side sold

billstein rear shocks£50

front anti rollbar £15

exclusive steering wheel£45

clocks showing 64k ................sold

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Whats going on mate!?!

Finally got my centre console in the post, without screw covers and the clutch damper I paid for! Thanks!

And opened it to find a f**king key lock going throught the side of it! Thanks again!

And after you told me it was mint! No wonder you put off showing me photos of it! Scratched to buggery and the colours dont even match!

Like I said, whats going on?


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dom why didnt you pm him first??

hes a tidy guy


Sorry but I beg to differ.

Spent all weekend trying to fit a GTE engine into kevs A, which Kev got from this guy. He told kev it was compleat and a good runner, and yet we when we came to fit it we found:

One rocker bolt snaped off in the head

Air pipe from AFM had 3 big splits in it

Altinator bracket rubber bushes compleatly knackerd

Coil/disy loom missing

Coil missing

Water pump shaged

Idle control valve missing

Idle screw had been replaced with a wood screw

water ways blocked

I for one will never have any dealing with him again, and I know he will be getting a letter from Kev asking for some of his monny back.

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I ordered 3-piece spoiler, Irmscher infill panel & side louvres. All arrived fine although the spoiler is bowed as per usual I knew this in advance as it was per photos. I've found him sound to deal with and am happy with what I got.

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whoooaaa hang on a minute here,, you chased me for the centre console said you didnt want pics just send it ....as i pmd [you if theres any problems let me know] as theres another in the shed which is 6 miles from where i live hence delay in getting pics first time around postage was much more than i quoted as well which i swallowed

regards the engine guy came to buy it in person he should have checked it over surely? theres a coil here that hes welcome to i also told him if there was any bits and pieces he wanted to let me know and ide throw them in as their no good to me this included a full injection/ manifold and any fixtures and fittings ect...it is true i didnt look at every nut bolt fixing on the engine box i only removed it 20 minutes before the guy turned up i also told him i had it running [briefly] and that indicated mileage was 84k and that there was a set of clocks in the boot showing 64k hence mileage i never once said i drove the car ect as everybody here knows i bought it unseen and was going to restore it but thought better of it there was no rush on my part he could have taken as long as he wanted to check bits it was all out on display fo him to see and he paid me after looking at bits on collection not before. to be fair he hasnt chirped up on here ,and if anybody he should be the 1 doing so not others in his stead :rolleyes:

i think at the end of the day its down to buyer to make sure part is what they want/condition/pics ect before parting with readies ive never ripped anyone off this time is no different,, dom if its no use i will send the other to you

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ive had this problem to m8 some folk have to realise that now the manta is at least 23 years old the chance of getting pristine parts is very slim esecially second hand sold a guy a exclusive steering wheel and he said that it was worn what did he expect for 23 yr old grr some people ehh!!!thumbsup.gif

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So if you had briefly run the engine, why did you then remove the idle control valve ? Sorry but there is no way the engine would have run with no idle control valve and splits in the air intake pipe. Also with the altinator rubbers being as they were the altinator would have been jumping about all over the place.

I do take your point about the fact that you may not have known about the rocker cover bolt or possibly the water pump and I accept that you may have forgoten to give Kev the coil and coil loom ( and he should have checked every thing was there)But there is no way that the engine will have been able to run in it's present state, unless you had removed parts from it after you had it running.

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I said dont worry bout the pics coz it was taking so long in the end, you said it was mint!

Billing is coming up fast and I took your word that it would be OK, so thats why I paid you for everything including the clutch damper which you also said you had.

If you have another one I will take a look at it!! (Pictures a must this time) I am even willing to pay for the postage, even the higher one which you should have sussed before posting.

I agree with comments that its getting harder to source parts but come on steel mate you should have said about the scratches and a dirty great lock going though the side of it!!!

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as i said will do my best to sort things have another console will get pics tomoz for dom,,,have a complete injection manifold ect which if mantai200 takes a look in our pms he will see i offered in the first place along with any other bits that i have no use for he could have taken the lot its no use to me ,, i also dropped the price by £40 to help him out as he said he had a limited amount of coin as do we all atm ,, if i was here to rip people off ide sell the bits and fook off ime here to stay hence the v8 in project pages

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