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Fuel Tank


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Am looking into changing my fuel tank in my manta coupe, needs to be a custom one from deemontweeks ect, would like a plastic one but not sure about union sizes ect and if i need a swirlpot or not, have fitted a 6 cly engine with fuel injection already have a bosch 044 external fuel pump, and not sure about fuel sender ect as i have a stack dashboard, its a road car by the way.

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Need more detail to say much, but for certain you will need a swirl pot or accumulator of some sort if using injection.

Why don't you want the standard manta tank? ( injection one obviously!)

We have used them in some fairly wild conversions! Nothing wrong with a coupe gte tank

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I must agree with retro on this. It seems like alot of trouble for almost nothing... If the car was for track a 20L tank would be a good idea, but when the car is for the street i fail to see the point..

There are several issues to consider if you are going to do this conversion. The fuel level sender will need to be customised to fit the new tank (if that is even a possibility?), otherwise you will need a set of custom fuel level gauges and a sender to go with it and that can be expensive. You will need to make alot of custom fittings, and wirering, and you will need a swirl pot too.

Also the tank of the Manta is located at the most (almost) perfect place in all of car history. Precisly on top of the rear axle, so telemetry won´t be screwed when running full / empty tank as much as if you mount it out back.

I have done some R6 conversions on the Manta´s and found that relocating the battery to the boot, and removing (lightening) some sheet metal from the front acutally can make a 6 cyl Manta go very well. If you replace the front wings and hood with fibreglass parts you really can shave some much needed Oz of weight off the front end. Also if you are going to fit a front spoiler like a GSi one, or similar you can remove all sheet metal from the nose of the car (behind the bumper) and shave off some extra weight here as well. This will give you a much better and more steady weight bias as mounting a gas tank in the trunk. There are tons of small changes that can be made to lighten the front. Also the entire front grille part can be taken completely apart inside, or you can get a fibreglass one molded (theese were actually sold by Bruhy Exclusiv in Germany some years back), and again lighten the front even more.

I would definatly give this tank project a second thought, and think about better ways to put some £ in the car lightening the front end. You will need it !

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