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Keeping A Manta Going


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Hey everyone!

Thought you might be interested to know, I've taken ownership of my dads 1985 Opel Manta GT/E! :D

I dont know if hes still a member of the club (ive got his manta magic's from about 1995 I think up untill a couple of years ago)

Little history on the car, was bought by the 1st owner in Dec 1985 new, and my dad acquired it in March 1986 and has owned it since. Car is currently on 67,000 miles

Anyway, some pics!LhY1s.jpg






Car has been stood for some time but started periodically and kept in a garage. Car runs and starts ok, and me and my dad changed the chain belt using split link chain, crank pulley bolt is locked on tight) and gave it oil, oil filter, air filter and a plug change.

If id known billing was on last weekend I would have planned ahead to make it down! Always next year :P

I do have a cover for it since it will be kept outside for the time being, im looking into a nearby garage for it when I can though, although circumstances might change. It will be my daily driver but not driven every day. Theres things that need sorting on it (welding for next MOT, though not bad are areas need looking at) but for now it will keep me happy and busy.

I've always loved the car since I first saw it when I was younger, and im really happy im able to use it. I do have plans for it, but keeping it as original as possible and in good condiition is what im after though, long term.

Some may remember my dad and the car from Billing 1999.

Any questions im happy to answer, im sure i'll have a lot for all of you at some point though :)

Thanks, Lawz

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Lovely car there, I've not seen many (if any) GTE's in this colour, seen a lot of 1.8's that were this colour and had one myself.

That does look as though it has been well looked after over the years. A credit to your father :thumbup

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