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Vauxhall Viva Hb


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Ive decided to put my HB up for sale. Im not keen on selling but either this or the Escort has to go.

Retro Cars cover feature car August 2011 issue (currently in the shops).

The car is a 1970 Vauxhall Viva HB 2 door saloon. It has had a full restoation by me over the last three years, work carried out listed below.


The shell has had replacement front wings and small repairs to the inner wings. Wings have been correctly spot welded and repairs butt welded so are not visible. The rest of the shell is untouched, original and in very good condition with no rust anywhere at all. You will not find a better HB shell.

It has been painted inside, outside and underneath in Ford Electric blue which is a Mk1 Escort colour so is of the correct era. Under the floor and wheel tubs were given a coat of stonechip before the top coats went on.

Suspension and brakes

The front and rear axles have been stripped, blasted, painted and reassembled with all new wheel bearings, suspension bushes and seals. The springs are custom made and are -2" and heavier guage.

The dampers are GAZ Golds which are adjustable.

The brakes are standard with rebuilt calipers, new discs and pads. New shoes and cylinders on the rear axle.

Engine and box

The engine is a 1660cc Ford crossflow. I chose the crossflow for this car as it is reliable, strong and easy to get parts for.

The engine was stripped to a bare block, rebored +0.060" and rebuilt with AE pistons, ACL bearings and balanced crank and rods. The big ends and mains are at + 0.010".

The head is a recon item with Mexico spec valves and hardened valve seats. Also had some light porting work carried out.

The cam is an A2 and has new followers and double valve springs aswell.

The engine has been put together with good quality gaskets and I have used a Burton HP oil pump.

The gearbox is now a 2.8 capri Type 9, stronger and better ratios than a sierra one, with RS2000 alloy bellhousing.

The engine is now running a 32/36 DVG carb rebuilt and using a new K&N filter, not the Bike carbs pictured as it didnt run well on those.

Stainless manifold and stainless (316L) exhaust.


The interior is standard apart from the addition of a guage pod with oil pressure, rev counter and a wideband guage fitted to keep an eye on the engine.

There is a new carpet fitted.


There is a small vibration from the prop, it will require balancing.

There is a small oil leak from the rear of the sump. (Very small)

There is no speedo drive cable fitted.

Scott, 07598238122











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