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Ascona On Ebay!


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To anyone interested in buying BHP's Ascona.

It was me that Mot'd this car and I couldn't believe how good it is underneath.It had a proper MOT, not one of these "Just stick us a ticket on it will you matey" ones. The outer sills and rear of the inner sills are perfect and have never been welded. The car has the best Chassis rails I've ever seen on a Manta/ Ascona ( even around the swan necked sections and front Jacking points ) All the rest of the inner wings/ inner arches and floors are perfect and even the top of the Bulkhead is solid ( under the Battery ). The interior is also really tidy and is complete. The car has a genuine front spoiler fitted ( not a fibreglass copy ) and the other exterior trim like the grille, plastic trims and lights are in good condition. I've also been in this car and its running gear all works ok and the back axle is dead quiet ( you can't hear a thing from it ) The car's suspension all works well and it handles as it should. I was expecting it to be a bit of a wobbly barge and was suprised to find it wasn't. The engine pulls well and it will still pull over 100mph easily. Fair enough... as you'll see from BHP's advert on Ebay, the car's bodywork is now a bit scruffy on top, but if somebody is after a rolling restoration where most of the parts will just bolt on, then I think they'd struggle to buy a better Ascona than this one. Or do what I told him to do from the start and build it into a sleeper with slammed suspension and a Red top conversion. .Luke.

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