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Hi - Old Member From Many Moons Ago - Manchester


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Hi Everyone

No sorry !! i Aint got no Manta anymore but i thought i would post a few pics i found recently in the loft

Plus a few pics of my old beloved manta - which i expect is now gone the the scrap yard in the sky.

I think some are from the Kit Car Show down in Warwick and a few from an open day at the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere port.

If your out there Shaun have you still got the i200 ????? LOL

Anyway glad to see the Manta Club is very much alive










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Hi there i am sorry to say that your car was last taxed in 2001 so likely its not around. I have an old members car from your era Kevin Fletcher? D114 BCW blue GT/E coupe. The i200 is still around and in the Wigan area although Shaun doesnt do anything within the club anymore. You should come to a pub meet and regain your Manta spark. Dan

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Hi and welcome home so to speak, gid seeing the piccis from the past. Still many a member from day`s past still within the O.M.O.C, Sean now busy within Vaux drivers club but still has an eye for awe gid Manta.

cheers rab.

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My the pics of the kit car show must of been 15+ years ago?? mark milsoms gold coupe hasnt seen the road for at least that time, jackies hatch C416XHP was broken up for parts 4+ years ago and as Ben said the old B with the club colours on was last seen in a breakers near solihull B/ham 10+ years ago, be interesting if any of the other mantas in the pics are still alive

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