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Stupid Question About Fuel Filter


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Well the large bore from the tank is for high volume, low pressure, the outlet of the pump is the same size as the fule filter, so thisis high pressure. No point having the pump outlet bigger than the rest of the fuel system and no point having the pump outlet as big as the inlet, it would be much harder for the pump to maintain the pressure.

Thinnk of it like this, pressure is about quashing a big thing into a smaller space, then the smaller lines on the rest of the system make sense. Just like your brake line to master cylinder size ratio if you like.

Or you could think of it a different way...........

The large bore from tank is essentially gravity or "air pressure fed" so, at sea level, the pump can suck but there is still only 1 bar forcing fuel into the pump. No matter how big or how fast it turns that is the greatest pressure differential you will get. so if you tried to make pressure on an outlet the same size you would probably just end up with cavitation where the pump keeps liquid "tied up" within it's vanes so it just spins in time with the pump not moves through it.

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