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Manta Magic Magazines Wanted


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Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply,

Andy i would love 10 years worth i only had a handful when i still had mine, i'm still in the process of transfering funds from one bank to another so when its finished, i'll paypal you for them if you want.

Just let me know the details.

many regards,


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Hi Jack

Some good and some bad news!

I have found the mags, but cant find as many as i should have had. I've got them from 1999 to about 2004

I will take a picture of the ones i have and post it over the next day or two.

Probably £10 + postage if your interested in them.

If your interested as well i have some A series brochures for sale.






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HI Jack

No problem, i have been busy trying to sort out the brakes and exhaust on mine so have only just got round to checking your reply :-)

I think the brochures might be sold now.

But i have looked out the mags and i have the ones below.

Cash is fine and i will get a cost to post them on tuesday as i have lots of other bits to get costs for :-).

Are you ok to send the cash first and then when it arrives i will post them? its just that i use to ask for the payment for the item first and then the payment for the postage when i send them, but i had someone pay for the part and them didn't pay for the postage so i lost out on £8 :-(

If your not happy with that, do you know someone who can send me the money by paypal (as a gift) and then you could give them the cash?


Sept 1993

Sept 1994 (10th Anniversary issue)

June 1998

Autumn 1998

December 1998

March 1999

September 1999

December 1999

March 2000

June 2000

September 2000

December 2000

March 2001

June 2001

Billing 2001

Spring 2002

Summer 2002

Autumn 2002

Spring 2003

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Hi Andy,

I have done some browsing and I seem to be able to find brochures E.T.C fairly easily on ebay and such but manta magic are impossible to find lol! I hope everything was successfull with the brakes and exhaust and wasnt too frustrating. :-) Is that your Opel manta A in your picture?

I am happy to pay the full £18.00 is it by post?

What is the best way of sending you cash, do I need a special envelope?

Thanks for keeping me posted on the magazines front and if you have any model cars then please contact me if you want to sell any as i am a keen collector of such things.

Many thanks,


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Hi Jack

im off to the post office this afternoon as only working a half day today, so will let you know the exact cost when i find out, im going to send them parcel post if the cost is ok as couriers tend to be a bit more expensive for small items.

You can send cash by post


I will PM you my address later.

Sorry but i dont have any models, but you might find some on German eBay as i have seen some on there before.

The brakes and exhaust are a bit of an on going project!!

lots of pic's and info here www.theopelproject.com


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