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Upgrading Manta Brakes For Rallying On A Budget


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need some advice on what conversion to use for the front brakes pls.

We want min two pot calipers and vented discs....they really need to fit behind the standard wheels as we have a glut of these to use on the stages.

Any help greatly appreciated.

mantasrme suggested "Astra 16v calipers and modified Audi discs"

Any other suggestions (or tips on how Audi discs need to be modified, and which model to get them off), plse?

If all the above is well trodden ground on this forum and you know of threads that cover it, pse do just post links to the relevant threads below...

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Top advice -thanks! Do you know the model/year of the cars in question, to help us find the right donor vehicles, plse?

I know that Dave Mantasrme does the Audi discs. The calipers I got are from a scrappy Mk3/4 Astra?, I think 52 /24 like these http://brakeparts.co.uk/#page=parts&pageSection=BHF&mancode=GM&brand=VAUXHALL&model=ASTRA&modelversion=ASTR*(92-98)+2.0+8V+SI+%26+SR

I don't know what Volvo 4 pots they are but I do have a set made up to fit the Manta (pictured below), which are for sale ;):ph34r:


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Righto, tell me a bit about your Volvo brakes:

- How are they modified from standard Volvo calipers?

- Are they single pot sliding calipers?

- Are the pads in them standard (and what high performance/motorsport pads will fit in them)?

- Will these calipers work with both the Audi and Carlton discs mentioned above?

Feel free to PM me your phone number if a chat on the blower would be easier...

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Just spotted this:

Opel manta big brake kit 283mm discs and calipers also Chevette Kadett etc



although I think I'll need the smaller discs for my wheels (all 14" diameter)

There's also some info on his site:



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