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Strong Smell Of Fuel?


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I seem to have a strong smell of fuel inside the Manta? I've noticed it's worse when I've recently refueled or the more fuel that is in the car. I don't seem to be losing any fuel underneath, and the carpets are dry in the boot.

Is it likely that I have a breather blocked or split or something around the fuel tank maybe? Haven't taken the panel out the boot yet to have a butchers, just noticed it again last night when I went out to put the car on charge. Opened the door to pop the bonnet, strong smell of fuel inside.


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Thanks guys, I'll try and get to have a look tomorrow. Didn't notice it too bad when I took it for the MOT today, but my first thought was Tank breather, so thanks James, I'll check that out.

Doesn't help that the ignition switch has just packed up today, so having to spark a screwdriver across the contacts to start it to come home. That might have been a little risky!

Will check out any leak before I do that again!!


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Hi Dave,

Both of my Mantas have suffered strong petrol smells when the tank is full / nearly full. The first one back in the 80's was just a split in the tank breather as James mentioned.

The second time there was actually a hole in the tank leaking petrol out, but because the hole was near the top it only occurred when full. This happened on the day I collected the car from its previous owner; I'd done about 100 miles and stopped to fill up in the motorway services with about 20 miles to go to home. Back on the motorway the smell was terrible, and when I left the motorway at my exit the car next to me popped the horn at the roundabout and shouted over that there was fuel running out of the car onto the road. In fact it was running across the exhaust and most of it was evaporating from there :huh: Being a GTE Hatch I couldn't find a replacement tank so I had to have it removed and repaired, but all has been well since. The AA, during my conversation with them, asked me whether it was petrol or diesel that was the dangerous one :)

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