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Would Anyone In Birmingham....


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Be able to help me take my dash and the wiring out one of the days please?

I've got to a certain point, but being honest I don't really want to damage the loom, the whole loom is now in one of the footwells as i've removed it from the boot and engine bay, just the bit which is under the dash is left to remove!



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It's fairly easy to be honest. Just trace wires. You'll have a wire that runs to your n/s door, a wire up the o/s door pillar for the int. light. A wire to the handbrake switch. Then there's the wires to the fag lighter and clock/radio. The fuse box comes out with the loom.. One thing I'll say is label the wires up as you remove them, so you know what's what on rebuild.

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Removing the dash is pretty easy when you know where all the screws/bolts are and what order to do it in.

You may have some of this out already but the sequence i use is,

Lower dash drivers side:

Remove fusebox cover, this uncovers a screw up into dash support, remove this and the one at the bottom right just above the kick panel trim. Lower dash comes out

Lower passenger dash:

Best to remove the stereo first if you can, and the clock.

1 screw drivers side up into dash support that was covered by lower drivers trim

1 screw lower left above kickpanel, open glovebox door 3 or 4 inside up into dash support

1 above clock and 1 other side above stereo

panel will then pull away from support and down, you can now unplug the cigarette lighter wiring (can be done earlier but can be tricky)

Cowling over Dials:

pop out the rear window demister and fan switches, behind them you will find 2 screws that hold the wide cowling above the column

with this removed 2 more screws are visable that hold the top cowling down, remove these

Looking inside the top cowling directly above the plastic screen covering the dials there should be 2 small screw going up into the top cowl (these sometimes don't get refitted)

With those out the cowl will lift straight up, it can catch a little on the headlight switch but passes with a wiggle normally


You should now see the 4 screws that hold the dials to the dashtop, you also need to disengage the heater control cables on the right before lifting the dials out

For these pull the plastic heater selector tabs out of the metal pieces that connect to the cables

then remove the sprung C shaped clip at the rear of the metal arms (at their pivot point) the arms can now be rotated and slid off the cable ends

Also unclip the cable outer end clip that holds them in place

At the other end you need to unplug the rear of the headlight switch and foglight switch aswell as the small round connection for the dash lighting

You can now lift the dials up away from the dash enough to reach behind for the wiring plugs and speedo

The speedo is held by a sprung arm, if you press the arm towards the dash the speedo will pop free

The dials can be lifted a bit more now and the 2 plugs pulled out from the rear 1 large round one crescent shaped

Your nearly there now

Dash Top,

Remove the 4 heater ducts that go from either side of the distribution assembly on the bulkhead

The thin ones go across to the outer dash vents and the large 2 go up to the window vents (be gentle pulling these down the dash ducts are fragile and often snapped already)

Then there are only 3 nuts and a couple of clips holding the dash top in now

If you lie in a footwell and look up there is a nut in the centre and one towards each end, they are 10mm and can just be undone a little rather than removed as the mounts are slotted

The dash top can now be pulled towards the back of the car to remove it (and release the 3 clips above the glovebox if they're still intact)

With that all out you can now see where all the wiring loom runs and its much easier to unplug and unwind it

Couple of things i would suggest.

Be careful about the wiring going up inside the drivers window pillar to the roof light, if you try to remove it you will most likely not get it back in.

Best to leave it in place and rejoing it to the loom afterwards.

If you are unfamiliar with manta wiring looms take pictures and also label bits as they come off, it will make it easier to refit

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