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Gte Exclusive Coupe And 1.8 Exclusive Hatch Projects

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going to look at the white hatch tommoz, with a grinder and a metal cutting disc as he is breaking it , its a 1.8 so he says so i gave him a heads up on prices and told him i maybe able to help sell him some bits :D , this is not for my benefit either i dont want to see parts waisted anyone who wants me to look at parts let me know and i will see if there any good

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Hello all, i have been to see the hatch and that tonight. The story i was told was that the car was found in a council garage and had been sat there since 1992 due to having its rear window smashed and the owner couldnt find another (MENTAL), the owner said that it was their issue and they had to move it, so here it is.

ITS TOO GOOD TO SCRAP, i arrived and the engine etc was out (but the guy even drove it in under its own power), the interior and wheels are off a gt/e hatch they are a little tatty but the rest of the interior is bang on. The chassis rails are mint and so are the inner wings and A post blah blah blah. The bad or should i say places that would require a tidy would be the two arches (slight rust but nothing bad) the bottom of the doors and the sunroof has Minor rust spots. I think the cill on the passenger side will need a bit of a patch. I have taken some pictures so will get them uploaded.

The hatch is looking like its going to be cut up as somebody has offered £200 quid for the tunnel so uness somebody has a tunnel they could swap maybe?, then it curtains. This car has no doubt been dry stored, somebody must be able to save it. Dan

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hi craig

the n/s A pillar was not very good ,as i put my fingers through this part picture of mine to show you were ( masking tape shows rot)


i have bought the battery tray, front of inner wings both sides and a area around the fuel filler cap inner and outer

i am going to collect my bits when he cuts them off , dont know when but let me know or the seller if you need anything as it will be gone soon

mine and dans mint must be different as i thought its on the verge of rot problems well i did remove the wings and bumper so it was exposed , the carpet was still in and i think it would be grim once removed

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yeah dan bit of a shame to see parts going to crusher , would have had more bits but got enough bits knocking about.

there were alot of time wasters and the guy did not come for tunnel and he wanted the car out of his workshop .

anyway i don't really care as i got what i needed ;)

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