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Electric Steering


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I've tried 5 different speed controllers so far and there is only one i use, it gives a good range of adjustment and nice feel.

A lot of the others go from very light steering to super light steering and give no feel at all.

But they were designed with a basic non programmable chip (or thats what my mate who designs PCB boards told me) rather than a custom version the better controller uses.

One i tried also liked turning itself off if the voltage dropped bellow 12v (which can happen on a manta) that took a while to find when it was happening on a customers car.

I've been running one of these controllers in my daily driver for over a year now without issue, and have sold a lot either with kits or by themselves.

Infact if you need one i have just received my latest batch from the manufacturer in preperation for Billing

The controllers are £25 plus postage

I can also supply a wiring kit including 50 amp fuse, inline holder, all the terminals you need and the right wire for £15

Also have spare blue power plugs and the correct terminals to fit new wire to the plugs incase you need them.

I'll be taking stock of each along with several modified columns to billing on my autojumble stand

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Gary6303: PM sent

GTREA: I'm sure we can work something out although i can't see it being cheap to post to you as a complete kit isn't light or small.

I'll have to look into the options, or if you already know what services are reliable and well priced let me know.

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Thanks Mantasrme.

I had a quick look around, using package estimates of 30kg and 50x50x30cm package (?)

Myukmailbox came in cheapest at 135quid....TNT were 447 quid!

The Manta itself is still in Glasgow, and would be easy to stick in boot, but is not recommended as Can (read: will) get stolen.

I have relatives in Teeside that also may be able to help out, but still comes back to shipping cost I guess

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I have a couple of modified columns at the unit so will check an exact weight and see how small a box i can get it all in.

Normally i over estimate the weight for the UK courier as it doesn't effect the cost of shipping.

Oh and PM sent

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