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Gearbox Tunnel Mod


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Nope, I didn't worry about it when I fitted mine. You have to use the top section of the 4 speed lever but it comes out of the same hole because it's a shorter bracket on the box. I'd get a picture of mine tomorrow but my coupe's been in bits for a few years now. It really does look standard though :)

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The centre console mounting screw behind the lever is in the same place in the auto and the manual.

That means instead of just taking the inserted panel for the 5 speed if you take a couple of inches around it AND the screw hole I mentioned that when you get it home you can drill out the spot welds to separate the part you want, pull the plastic plug for the screw out of the piece of tunnel top and the tunnel, drop it in place in the car, insert the plastic plug through both for alignment, then draw around the inside of the hole the panel you want came out of to mark the tunnel.

I did this in the reverse direction.

This is just what I did on mine, I do not recommend it to others.

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