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C20Xe With Coilpack

Denis K

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When the c20xe is fitted to the manta with a coilpack I see that people usually mount them on the side of the engine as there does not seem to be enough of room at the back of the engine with the heater setup.

What I would like to know is what people do for plug leads as the stock ones do not look to be long enough for this setup or are they??

Are there any other cars with longer plug leads that fit the xe?

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other alternative is mount coil pack on a bracket in front of heater fan cover.


contact magnecore and have some made to length.


buy a three metre length of spark plug lead cable with fittings and make your own.

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if you go to the trouble of fitting a c20xe you may as well go the hole way and fit denso iridium plugs with magnecore leads get the best spark to the engine.

then modify a turbo throttle body to suit, chip ecu, power cap (real one) and a k+n in standard air box with extra holes drilled in the base.

skrimp and suffer c20xe is tempremental if not looked after. I know been there and done it.

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