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Hello From Italy


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Hello guys ladies. I have finally joined OMOC after 30 years or trying lol few times I tried mailing off in the late 80's. But sadly you never or I never received letters. I know 1 time the mail box was set alight!! Imagine that happing in quite city like Belfast during our troubles

Well here is my memories of the magical mantas

My 1st and only manta to date was a very Special beast. (SOI 5526) 1978 2.0 SR coupe my father ordered from mail dealer in Belfast (Wilson and leapers )it took a long time to come as it had every optional extra he loved it more then mum my sister and I together! And on me passing my driving test I was giving the beast

I had much fun and smiles as I played with all my friends most evenings meeting in car parks as they borrowed mum's 1.2 standard cars ;-).

So as I earned more money it was always spend on the manta twin 48's race pipe' spax shocks and the more I spent the more I got to know 3 people very well. Guy worked in fuel station guy who worked in tyre depo and the fuzz

so after 5 years of endless sideways sprints between petrol stations I decided to be a adult and get more fuel efficient modern car a 1988 Audi Quatrro turbo then family came then a list of brisk boring cars came and went and. The there is only one I wish I had today

Today I am working and live full time in Italy driving a Saab 9-3 TTID Hirsch tuned its brisk enough can sit all day at 160mph 260 Kpm or give 5.1 L/100 I also have a little 1973 500 that's fun to drive but very painful after 30 mins lol

So now I got the manta bug again the time and money to build the manta that I always wanted a 400 rep that will be used for the odd sideways sprints to work 4km and towed to tracks for weekend fun beating the Italians on their own soil with a true British pedigree classic

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to get some sideways action.


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Hi Colin

Welcome to the club.

Do you have the car your building yet or are you on the lookout for one?


I always wanted a fiat 500, i had one of the Abarth cinquecento's when they came out, but was never allowed to get the 500 as well as having the Manta!!


Keep us posted on your progress and let us know if you need any help getting parts as there are lots of people on here who know where to get bits from.



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Hi Andy. Thank you i know you guys here really helpful

I read your forums over the last week and decided I going to get a manta back

Not got a base car as yet I have made a few enquiries and a lot of internet searches And I know what I would like

Redtop Coscast on 48's or 50's 5 speed with LSD full 400 kit with 4 Cibe's in moulded housing

I recon over 10k for parts then a base car needed

But I have seen this on evilbay. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/281484520993?_mwBanner=1

But I am like many of you thinking she's a beauty and it be a shame to add big arch kit so still pondering it over

And yes please any help or info be greatly accepted


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Hey Colin

It sounds like you have it all worked out ;-)


Your right she does look a beauty, and personally i would like to start with a good base one that was quite original as you know where you stand with it from the start (or as much as you can with a manta!!)


As your in Italy (i presume from the post title) have you look at ones for sale in germany? i found this site



and Thomas who runs this site (http://www.edelschmiede.com/) seems to know a lot of people so it might be worth getting in touch with him? he is a nice guy and has helped me out with lots of info and bits over the last year. 


There are a few links on my blog for parts etc.. www.theopelproject.com

and some i probably need to add to it. This one is also a good read https://www.facebook.com/opelmantagtr


Good luck with the search and it might be worth starting a build thread on here even if you don't have the car as you can start to gather info and advice and we can keep up with your progress?



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Hi Colin

The car you've seen on evilbay has a build thread here if you wanted to check out the work that's gone into it.

Even though I agree with you about cutting into a sorted car it's always better to start with a good solid base.


Welcome to the club


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Cheers. Mick. I looked at it on forums and fell in love with it and even decided I keep her the way she is!!

That's a great job he done on her and I don't think I could do anywhere as good as he did even with the fast army of skilled work mates I could call on for help

Contacted the seller and it's gone! ;-(

So said if any probs with the sale I would be on next flight to uk to buy her and give her nice home in sunny Italy eating rusty Italian scrap. Lol

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