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Not sure if bodywork belongs in here but... I can get a car primed and ready to paint no issues but can never quite get that decent bodyshop shine, any advice? I have tried allsorts including lots of light coats and it still tends to end up a bit flat and isn't quite right no matter how much I buff it up. I have the eldest lads Golf to practice on soon as I'm sorting out a few scrapes on it..

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I paint 2 pack in my garage at home and it's getting better every time with more practice. The last one I did was my Cavalier turbo, satin red with 2k lacquer and it came up really nice with no buffing afterwards at all. I use 2 paraffin space heaters so the garage is really warm and have found opening the doors between coats to let the overspray out so it doesn't settle in the wet paint makes a hell of a difference.

I do a few light coats and finally a heavier one to finish. A good quality gun is essential for finishing. I have a Devilbiss gti with a 1.3mm tip which works well. 

You just have to make the best of what you've got if you don't have access to a booth and can't afford a professional respray but as long as you get the garage nice and hot and get rid of the overspray you should get on ok. 

This is the cav I did in my shitty old garage with 2k and no buffing. There is a bit of dust settled in the paint which would buff out if I could be arsed.




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That does look like a very good paint finish, on that cav Biffy!

I have sprayed 2 cars at home ( panels & shell sprayed separately), with 2k paint and used a 2k mask.

First was in my garage, which I cleaned out, damped down the floor, stapled poly sheets overhead, to stop the spiders dropping down, after passing out with 2k fumes!

Results were ok, but still had a slightly all over dusty finish.

The second car, I sprayed outside. Had to wait several weeks for ideal weather, not too hot and near zero wind and no swarms of insects flying about.

Results were a lot better, no dust, only about 5 small flies which polished out.  

I aim to spray my A series at home, on my driveway.

This time I will buy a large new or used party tent on Ebay, to use as a spray booth, setup on my 4 meter wide driveway.



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