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Looking for Manta gte coupe


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I sold my Manta a few years ago now and miss not having one now.


What I would like if possible is a Manta gte Coupe that is in working order. I don't mind about the age but anything older that 1988 would be good as I can register an 87 car as a classic car here on the Isle of Man. I don't mind what colour it is. Basically I miss my old Manta and would be happy with any manta.


I could go to around £7000 for a nice one. I know my chances of one of you guys parting with a good Manta is slim, but it's worth a try.


Thanks for taking the time to read this,



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Hi Barry, Best of luck with your search ....it took me many years to find a suitable Manta Berlinetta ...hope it doesnt take you as long?! :D

I'm aware of a Manta B for sale in Ireland. It's white, c.1982 ...I think it's a GTE. I was imported from N.I. a few years ago and is in mint condition (with very low mileage). Last I heard the owner was seeking c.€10,000 for it. He's a member of the Opel Vauxhall Owners Club Ireland.

Btw, are vehicles in the Isle of Man designated 'classic' after 25 years? (In Ireland it's 30 years).

Does it entitle you to lower (nil?) Road Tax?

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Hi Barry

Two available on eBay at the moment one also advertised on here in eBay ads.

One is within your price range.

its a member on here so you should be able to find out all about it.




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1 hour ago, Scribe of Lincoln said:


Am I right in thinking that you bought my silver 1800 hatch B153 BFW?  What happened to that in the end?


I sold that to a fella called John, he had a similar user name and hasn't used the forum for ages

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