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Wel never been so bord,and stll bord,its that time of the year again,yes no dad,the x nagging and screwing everything up,well there my great idear out the big window,god i wish she would stop screwing my cash up.i was on the home run,for the year,and the brown letter came throw the door,more money i have to pay.or i get locked up.she gets plenty as it is.so.project mantas are now finished untill march,got a bill for 550 or just over and a bill to pay extra csa ,cos it be changed .cos of gov reforms,so that f/////d me up.and a third party iv let down,sorry to davy.fo letting you down mate.sick as a chip.pease sir can i have some more.MORE.lol.well ill be getting he bus now to it gets warmer,even my  cars of the ruddie road,nite nite projects to spring untill iv sorted my finaces out.at least iv got my welly mac and cap.and a pack of fags.and,i can day dream.about one been either finished or on the road.been weighting 35 years.i guess one year oes not matter,ps wear  your poppies in pride/and boycott pound land.,And  remember two mins on the 11 november.and donate a few pennys to the R B  L AND HELP FOR HEROS

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