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Smoke from NS scuttle vent...


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Hi guys,

When I was trying to start the old girl earlier, I noticed some wispy smoke coming from the NS scuttle vent.

I think this might have been the blower motor burning out, but what do you think.

The motor was seized a few months back, but managed to free it off and get it going. Suspecting this motor I pulled the wiring connector off while I concentrated on the no start situation - the problem then went away.

By the way, there was no smoke inside the car, it was all from that scuttle vent.

Any other suggestions or comments?

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Yes it would be .nothing else in that area to cause smoke. It will more than likely be the low speed resistor heating up and burning off some oil from when you freed it off if you are lucky.

it needs to come out again anyway so see how free it is . Lubricate only with 3 in 1 oil or equivalent. Anything else is too thick and will cause stiffness or squeaking.

examine for burnt windings if totally seized . 

New motor if required !

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