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Good morning¬† everyone. ūüėÉ

I was wondering if  anyone could help me out. 

Iam after a  new length of reinforced  Brake servo hose  for my 77 coupe. 

I have  looked on eBay and can't  find anything  strong enough for the  job.


If anyone  could  point me in the  right  direction  of where to get it i would be very grateful 

Cheers¬† Stuart ūüėČ

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Air brake hose BS AU110/5  SAE J1402

14 Bar W.P.

you will need 16mm-18mm hose clips as well.

got mine from past parts, Bury St. Edmunds,

Tel 01284 750729

hope this helps.

Edited by Mike.
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2 hours ago, spiney_norman said:

Hi Stu, long time no speak! We keep the right stuff in work, if your number's still the same I'll give you a call during the week. Quite happy to chuck some in a jiffy bag for you mate :)

Any chance I could buy some from you too Spiney Norman?, mine looks rough as the proverbial...


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3 hours ago, spiney_norman said:

No worries, they're a proper weak spot, virtually every 70s/80s GM car I've owned has had a perished vacuum hose at some point. I'll check how much we've got left tomorrow and let you guys know!

Thank you kind Sir, much appreciated!

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