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Fuel gauge sender not working...fix?.


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Hi. Yes if you have grounded the wire ‘on the tank’and the gauge goes up to full that confirms the sender unit itself. 

No doubt someone will have a used one for you as they are pretty reliable.( earth lug corrodes off hatch one but rest don’t use a lug)

if it’s faulty there’s no harm in removing it and having a look. It’s basically a moving contact on a resistance wire so not much to go wrong. You may see a broken wire or dirt or the contact not quite touching properly.or even easier the float might have dropped off .never seen it but first time for everything!.

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That's what I like a cheap and easy fix.sender can be removed with tank in situ.bend back the four tabs and lift plate off watch out for the small spring on the pivot.clean sweep plate with very fine (2000) paper and course for both ends of spring and it's contact areas the spring is used to complete the circuit.now have a working gauge.IMG_20190706_144034.thumb.jpg.f747e9d628a07676995a9042b35b8614.jpg


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