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Viscous fan replacement?.


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My viscous fan just free wheels cold or hot did consider going electric but got this thing about keeping the whole car as standard as possible.tried looking but only found  no stock is there any out there? If not recommended electric fan kits.

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Hi. Is yours the early standard viscous type that is basically a damped turbine that just has one speed or is it the later temperature controlled big nut mounting type? . 

The early type is found on many cars from the 70’s not just Vauxhall’s and is a pretty common unit .they are available new as far as when I last looked but not cheap. ,.they tend to go slack and rattle.not much you can do to repair them I don’t think.

the later type was fitted to lots of 90’s onwards Vauxhall’s ,Carlton’s,mantas,monza,senators etc and maybee other makes too. They have the metal strip across to open or close a valve to let the viscous fluid through. They is i beleive another similar type with a coiled spring too. They should be readily available new or used I would think. Il have a look on ebay later and see what’s around .

this type can be made solid rather than viscous by drilling a couple of holes through it and bolting the unit together ( internal disc to outer casing) this can be a permanent fix if you want and would never let the engine overheat albeit at the expense of a very minor increase in fuel consumption and fan noise ) no issue in my opinion others it may be !

Just had a quick nosy now. Lots of the later types on there both new and used . Found 1 early type new for a hillman but has water pump as part of the sale so a bit dear as it is 

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Ok thanks mine is the latter type could you point me in the right direction to which is correct (new) as none state manta.what exact model cross reference gives me the right one. can't find a part number on old unit.IMG_20190715_172835.thumb.jpg.ed4f1c60be2c7ce2f7a56d3c868e1e8b.jpgasIMG_20190715_172845.thumb.jpg.6c853df5813dfc80ea6e27f885878fba.jpg

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I just searched for 

vauxhall viscous fan

and lots came up. Make sure it’s a 4 bolt fixing .m pretty sure ones marked frontera or omega a are the same although some look like a 3 bolt fixing. If you get a uk seller you should be able to confirm mountings and dimensions. 

The water pump fitting should be the same

Try typing 


That’s also nice to know they may  be fixable 

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