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Mk1 Cavalier Coupé auto


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It was pretty easy to put it all together once i had figured out how it was going to fit.

Got all the parts from https://www.profusionexhausts.com/

Got some other pics on my blog if your interested.


If i could have welded i would have done it all myself but i know that's one thing i defiantly cant do as well as a proper welder, i know my limitations 🙂



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It's been a while since I posted. Life gets in the way.

But. One last door pin to get out. Heat, WD40 and pin tool. No joy. Made a slide hammer at work out of Milling machine draw bar material. It broke and still no movement.


(really wish I could post images off my phone and NOT some flippin URL)

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some pins can be realy stubborn / rusted in.

you could make a log bar with a short stub on the end to act as a punch to start the pin moving ( sideways 90deg not straight) 

maybee tap it up and down a few times to free it THEN move on to your normal removal tool/ method.

i use the type that fits through the pin and you then screw a collar back on ( as a nut) .then i have a long bar with a slot in the end to hammer it out. similar idea to the sykes pickavent tool but not using the silly short bar that comes with it

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