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The organisers of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, have decided there is no alternative but to postpone the 2020 event, despite pulling out all the stops to try and make the annual season finale happen.

The OMOC were due to have a larger stand than usual and we had already looked at what PPE equipment we would need to keep ourselves and our visitors safe. We had decided not to open up the club shop this year and to restrict the number of OMOC members on the stand at any single time. We were going to supply full face masks and alcohol hand Gel to all OMOC members attending. We had also put in place "Covid exposure" questionnaires for all club members to complete 2 weeks before attending, so that we were doing our own due diligence checks and procedures. Unfortunately, even with all these protections in place, the risk is considered too high by the show organisers.....something I guess we all expected this year.

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I think the problem was a lot of clubs had pulled out & traders were reluctant to spend a lot of money for a stand if attendances were down.

Also i think the organisers knew in advance that the government was about to announce further restrictions.

Lets hope we can celebrate 50 years of the Opel Manta delayed till next year.

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Why not do it on line on a small scale, seen a few already, owner submits 4 photos, some had a structured text format, make, model, modifications, future upgrades, it give owners the chance and lets face it a reason to get their cars out, clean em up, practice their best photography, most have decent cams on their phones, it could be done nicely with a bit of thought and a good club behind it.

As for the NEC classic, they should change to format, broadcast car owner interviews, product adverts, product demos, list is endless, and again all the tech is here, and excess available to everyone, just look at the live music formats happening online via zoom etc. 

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