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Fuel pipe routing


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cant comment on a webber but the std varijet. pipe joins to outlet of pump with rubber joiner then turns to metal up behind the alternator and then round the back of distributor cap and across front of head .held by a clip to the front camshaft cover. 

then joins solid to the carb union. yours has a rubber joiner by the looks of it.

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Was looking at this recently, running a solex, same as above, but isnt solid piped, was gonna cut nipple of carb, drill and tap it, using a union nut, flarred pipe, then down to the mechanic fuel pump, same could be done here.  Its piped flexi braided at the minute, and a inline fuel filter was looking dodge, turns out it was just aluminium oxidation of the thermostat housing, on outside of fuel filter. Thought it was hot, melt marks

Was gonna pipe it solid which would mean rethinking inline filter.

Think i will just replace filter only because its looking like it needs a new one, and inspect braided lines. 

Was wondering if it could be pipework could be reversed and filter moved away from above manifold, and filter placed beside MFP? 

So it would be MFP, short flexi, filter, then long flexi to carb, 

Opposed to long flexi from MFP, to filter, short flexi to carb

Is there a filter housed in other carbs? 

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