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Manta A bits


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Hi everyone

Building my manta A (1.6 with 1.9 engine) into a classic race/rally spec. If anyone has links to where i can get these bits or have these bits id be very grateful😁

Rear roll cage

Twim weber 40s and manifolds

Fuel pump ideas with twin carbs

Tubular exhaust manifold and performance exhaust

Brake upgrade idea, i remember somthing about volvo calipers

Lsd ideas

And anything else fast road/rally you might have for sale




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TJM motorsports, wales, good starting point! 

If your a member here, just search (brake upgrade)

2.2 carlton vented disk and cav mk3 calipers, fit standard, plus ats wheels, not rostyle.

Rears can go vectra disks, zafira calipers, you need a mounting bracket fab'd. 

Original twin pot non sliding calipers are fine if rebuilt, big red do them. Ur not pushing mega bhp! Some even like well the drum setup if well maintained for the feel of the handbrake. 

If rebuilt, restored and maintained original setup works well. 


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You can easily go sierra 4x4 rear calipers on the back with bmw 318 discs and i went Willwood calipers on the front of mine.


I gave up trying to find a decent manifold and made my own (not my welding, local place did it) it was not that hard once i put my mind to it, should have done it years ago! 🙂

Facet Fuel Pump if on carbs.





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