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Manta a parts needed for re build

martin mtc

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Hi All.

Thanks for accepting me into this group.  I have a blue Manta A model that's getting re built and hopefully on the road for April 

I'm looking for a workable lockset if possible and possibly a heater matrix. 





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40 minutes ago, martin mtc said:

Hi , it's a Toyota 1.9 I think , I'm going to use it this year and replace it with a 2.0l GM engine with possibly a 6 speed RX8 which seems to be popular. 

Thanks in advance for looking 👍


That's a different option i suppose 🙂

If your using the 2.0l any reason for not just fitting the 5 speed getrag box?


I'm off work on Tuesday, so i will have a rummage. Any other bits you need? i have some new indicator lenses.


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8 hours ago, martin mtc said:

Hi Andy,

Yes I need a pair of door check straps, mine have gone missing 🙈,  I will look into the getrag box though , 👍

Not sure if i have the check straps but will have a check while im looking out those other parts.

The Getrag is a good option as its an easy fit with just some adjustment for the gearstick and as BMW used them you can still get parts for them.

Here's a pic of mine on my blog, i also have the parts diagram if you get one that needs a bit of work on it.




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Sorry no door check steps that i can find.

I need to do a bit more searching for the heater matrix as i think it might have gone to that safe place in the loft!

I have a brand new lock barrel with key. I need to check which side, i think its passengers side. I will take a pic tomorrow.



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2 hours ago, martin mtc said:

Hi Andy , thanks for looking mate,  hopefully I have found a company who makes them , £110 , just waiting for a payment request. 

If I had a check strap to borrow,  I could copy them to help others. 

Is it the matrix that you are having remade? I have a big box of nut, bolts and bits in the garage, so while im out these tomorrow i will have a rummage just in case one is lying around in there.

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