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Extra wire on electric ignition loom


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The green wire is the "1" of the ignition, look at this pic of my engine bay:


this is a loom of an electronical one. the old type with contacts use the same colour but the wire comes from your dizzy to the coil

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Yes, all of them have the green wire. 

but this loom in question has 1 black wire (12v) and another black wire piggy backed off it. What is that extra wire for?

I have fitted electronic ignition to my B1 and it doesn’t have that extra wire. I think maybe it powers an auto choke? Or the 5th injector on later engines? I have no idea. 


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The contact ignition has got a resistant wire that feeds the coil so no 12V on it, but when you start the engine one black wire will feed the coil comming from the starter engine's puls. So only when starting your coil will recieve 12V to make sure you'v got a nice spark.

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