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4 hours ago, Monaco Blue said:

Only around 6000 of the 12000 available tickets were sold. Someone called Andrew Birch won it.

Just read on FB that he took the cash rather than the car.

Why on earth not take the car, even if he didn't want it with today's prices he'd make a good bit more.

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Seen that, all low numbers. The generator needed a wee thump, and its easy to see the winners bought more than one ticket 🫣 would you call that..... Feeding that hand that ....feeds you 🤣.

This was looked at on a major Lotto documentary, computers can draw numbers not picked, and older proven ways of drawing numbers with electro magnets, but hey. That's cheating, or Business. 

Agree, should be no cash alternative, car or nothing, I probably wouldn't have bought a ticket to win 15k cash. 

Wouldn't be a fan of these Raffles. Only rare occasions on something like, a manta. 

Don't agree with them running the generator on full ticket numbers, 12,000, and saying if a ticket not bought gets drawn, we will run again. Odds aren't right, if they agree to raffle it regardless of ticket sales. 

So if 100 tickets are only sold, the odds are still 12k to 1 😏🤔

Nice to see it raffled again and going to a enthusiast. But chances are not great odds😂

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