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manta hatch project


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Post a wanted add in the pasrts wanted section as i think someone was selling one not so long ago don't know if they sold it or not.

Its worth a try anyway someone might have something else that might do the job for you.

You never know until you ask. :thumbup

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Progress update.

Stripped axles apart ready for cleaning and painting, need to get new bushes.

seam welded body panels.

fabricated centre consol.

seam sealed all under car on chassis and joined pannels to stop any rusting.

will get some new pics up soon.

things to do next are, stonechip under car.

build fire wall around fuel tank.

put bonnet vents in.

make seat mounts.

battery box in boot.

tow eyes.

make foot rest on pasengers side. Dont know wheather to weld it in or make it detacheable.

still got loads of parts to buy too, aaarrrrrrrr

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Greg on here had a hatch rmj bodykit with back bumper for sale a few months ago, he might still have it. If not theres one on ebay just now. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Opel-Manta-B-Hatch-Bodykit-sideskirts-and-rear-bumper-/220695450616?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item33627953f8

I use photobucket to upload photos on here, just copy the img code on photobucket and paste it on your post on here. It took me a while to figure it out but it's a piece of piss once you've sussed it out.

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So refreshing to see someone getting stuck into a hatch on a big scale.

I always thought these were better built than the coupes, and for some reason it always felt that the hatches held the road better over the coupes, possibly due to a tad more steel/weight over the rear end.

Wrap around bumper.

Damn sure I saw one for sale on Eaby the other day, unsure wether listing has finished or not now. As someone has already correctly said it is the RMJ bodykit that was specifically designed for the hatch as hatch arches are closer to the vehicles rear panel than the coupe.

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thanks for the comments. Yeah fair bit of work gone into it so far, quite a bit left to, only using it for the road i think. Just looks the part, know what i mean.

still dont know wheather to put a bit of a detachable aluminium fire wall behind driver and passenger because the fuel tanks going where back seats where.

Still got to run fuel lines, brake lines, engine back in, 2.0 CIH 8v. o and bodys got to be sanded and painted. just covered in primer at the min just to keep it nice.

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