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twin head light lamps


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peter lloyd rallying in bridgend mid glam got em in stock,not a million miles from where you are,he does mail order as well,they are the cibie valeo repacements inner and outers i bought a set of 4 off him for my exc coupe not messin about drillin holes just fit em and away to go

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on all the cars i have had the holes lined up with the long bolts,if not should be easy enough to drill a couple off holes to suit.

you will notice when you remove you old headlight

infact i just put a set on my hatch and the bolts were in the corners and fitted ,straight on :thumbup

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Try this for the lights (I use the Saturnus units in mine) which are a lot cheaper than others.

I must have posted this link at least a dozen times - but oh well!!


and for mounting rings - these come complete with adjusters etc. You may have to re-drill the twin unit case to fit but its simple. (mine are ok).


Good luck with whichever way you go,

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